Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No soul drainers!!!

I have no problem with constructive criticism. In fact I like it. You can learn a lot from it because it's constructive, meaning to build or to strengthen. But soul draining assholes, I can do without. Sometimes this person is just afraid of the change in you. Some people really fear change. Sometimes it's jealousy...you are trying to build a new life and a new you and they don't see room in your new life for them. Sometimes you find out that this person just never really cared about you to begin with. You know who they are. Ask yourself, "What is the motivation behind this person's actions and or comments? Are they helpful or are they hurtful to me?"

If in fact the person's actions and or comments are purposely hurtful, WHO THE HELL CARES!?! No matter what their motivation for bringing you down, GET RID OF THEM! Life is too short to be around people who choose to lose and want their misery to have company. There are many tough choices in life. One of those choices is...who stays and who goes. Soul drainers...good fucking bye!

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