Friday, November 20, 2009


I'm think retail stores are so cold to stop pants-free shopping. Jokes on them, I'm wearing pants but my bottomless picture is on my hat.

Breaking News!! They have changed their minds. Women are now to get HOURLY MAMMOGRAMS starting at age 20. Film at 11.

I will be using editing software I just purchased to edit myself into several hit films so my resume will be filled with less lies. ;-)

Breaking News! Much like with women, the guidelines for men have changed. No prostate exams unless you hear crunching when you sit down.

No shoes, no shirt, no service? Okay, but the jokes on you Burger King, I've already been hellooooo exposed genitals!!

Just checked the web to find the felons in my area. Everyone but me on the block is a violent felon. *SIGH*...I'm left out of the fun again.

I have actually become bored with porno. Does anybody have any ideas what I can fill those 6 hours a day with now?

Breaking News! Jerry Springer to take over Oprah show. "Favorite things" now will be slap fights, kickboxing trannies, incest & meth heads

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