Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm Just Saying...

It's Black Friday for burglars too. They know you're not home.

My cheating ex wants me back. Not only was the grass not greener, the other guy was just a little bag of sticks and seeds. Hahaha!..Click!

There were so many people packed into Walmart it looked like one of their children filled factories in china...

Hey TV drug sellers, if death is one of the side effects, why even mention the others? You're not worried about dry eyes when your ass is DEAD!!

On the Wii video game, guys dominate games that have a jerking motion and women are better with the buttons. Why?.....oh.

I don't like pumpkin carving, It makes me feel like I'm starring in a spinoff of Dexter on B.E.T.

New Moon huh? So now women are in love with 21 year old vampires that look like models? Way to set realistic expectations ladies!

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