Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm Just Saying...

Is there an iphone app that keeps your phone from being obsolete in 6 weeks?

Your GPS system isn't supposed to say "oh shit!"... right?

Just bought a knife sharpener. My knives were dull...and my little
cousins boyfriend needed to know that I really meant HOME BY 11.

New Coke...nope. Back to Coke classic. Rohypnol...nope. Back to

beer. In America, there's always people who insist on going old


Hey, I've been rubbing peoples faces in my crotch for decades

now. How come Adam Lambert gets on T.V. and I don't? Not


Between Thanksgiving and Christmas we all gain 20 pounds

on our butts and lose 50 points in credit score. Why do we

keep doing this again?

I remember the good old days when parents used to

look for magazines under the bed. Now they search for

sticky hastily hidden flash drives.

Febreze®, for when you don't care enough to clean

but have just enough self esteem to not want to stink.

Do you think they'd like that slogan?

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