Thursday, November 12, 2009


A young guy called me "Old head" today. When he woke up, I said to him "Could an old guy have crescent kicked you in the face like that?"

Mike Tyson, come on man you're a professional. Don't give away ass whippings for free! People would pay a lot to see paparazzi beatdown!

Mother Nature brings flowers & sunshine to make you smile. Father Nature brings the rain, because he likes wet tee-shirt contests.

I'm watching "300" to inspire me while lifting weights. Later I will be using another movie to inspire a different solo activity. Shut up!

Is it just me or is Carrie Prejean a pre-"The View" Elisabeth Hasselbeck ? Smoking Hot but annoying as hell.

I should join a group called Planned Step Parenthood because at my age it's impossible for me to date a woman who doesn't have kids already.

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