Sunday, November 15, 2009


To eliminate confusion and public indecency charges, at the library it's the DEWEY decimal system not the DO WE decimal system. Just saying.

C'mon Sarah Palin, you've gone too far in the new book. John McCain was not a crack baby!

Ah, remember the days of free love before all of these diseases? Well I don't, so shut up old people!!!!!!

Fingers don't have the same ability to censor as the lips because people will type things on the web that they would never ever say to you..

Because of budget cuts and a lack of dodge balls, schools have a new game to get the same results. It's called "Hit the fat kid in the back"

Wonder Woman would have to have as many arms as an octopus to survive my old neighborhood. Think about it. I'll wait. There, you got it!!!

I'm watching the "Your baby can read" commercial. Impressive. I think need to have a talk with my 1yr old cousin pertaining missing checks.

Lets make some extra money giving good reviews to lame movies. No one will know you sold out, see how small they make the reviewers names?

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