Friday, November 18, 2011

S. Anthony says... (The Lesson "CELEBRITY VERSION")

Memories. Watching the news this morning I ran across a well known News Anchor that I had previously hosted a Celebrity Roast for. She was literally one of the nicest people that I had ever met. I say this because she was great to me BEFORE she knew who I was.

It's amazing how meeting people can change how you feel about them. She was awesome, but a LOCAL celebrity was the complete opposite. This person was condescending, insulting, slightly racist and a bit of a dick. This guy literally looked AROUND me while I was getting his info for his introduction. He summarily dismissed me as if my existence annoyed him. It was not just my feeling, people near us said to me "Damn, I used to be a fan of his show, but he was really rude to you! Fuck that guy!"

Did I mention that I WAS THE HOST of the show? Did I mention that it was a ROAST? Did I mention that I NEVER TAKE THAT KIND OF SHIT FROM ANYONE? Oh, yeah...I got deep in this d-bags ass. You see, I write and perform....AT A PRO level and have for YEARS. You do not want to engage in a war of words. Although I choose not to launch them.....I carry NUKES.

His dust is NOW in a vase on my mantel. Lesson learned.

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