Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm thinking of voting for Mitt Romney. No I'm not voting for Mitt Romney, who said that? See how annoying that is Mitt?

Bachmann, you see how the hot crazy girl in college turned out. STILL mad that she dropped you for the quarterback? Exactly...

Shake a stranger's hand, take two steps back...then apply hand sanitizer while looking at them with disgust....FUN!

I just went onto a website for gross and disgusting pictures and hackers had flooded the site with cat pictures and inspirational cartoons. FACEBOOK STRIKES BACK!!! Take THAT hackers!

"Young hot women knitting. Stop it. Thanks." - Erections

"The Myth" is TRUE ladies. Yup. My ass IS higher than my white friend's asses.

Really inventive commercial = lame ass product. That is all.

Chemicals can be HARMLESS separately, but POISONOUS together. Words too. "Fox" & "News" Harmless. "Fox News"...poisonous.

"STOP...putting wacky outfits...on your animals. STOP. Thanks." - People who are A LITTLE LESS anthropomorphic than YOU

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