Friday, November 25, 2011

“Ladies, please stop saying “I’ve never done THIS before”. Why?
1) We don’t care
2) We don’t believe you
3) We’ve seen film of you doing THAT online”
 — Dudes

ALL of MY Fridays are BLACK Fridays, what's the big deal? Also, where is MY low priced stuff!?!? RIPOFF!

"Hey, dude, NO ONE has teeth THAT white. I'll bet you'll have jet black hair when you're 80. Stop it" - EVERYONE with eyes

Wake up at 2am to sleep in a tent for the OPPORTUNITY to BUY shit AND AMUSE d-bag store owners exerting short term power? Me? Uh...NO.

I am too MASSIVE to EVER be LESS than anyone or anything. Tell the little voice in your head to say THAT and not the regular negative crap that it always does...and you'll see how TRUE it is by the results in your everyday life.

Also, you'll get more ACTION. Ya dig?

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