Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Advice from the S. man (Online "LOVE")

Look, I get it. Your "brilliant" essay about world peace got 2 "likes" and some other person puts up a picture of their elbow and they get 100 "likes". It's the same on ALL social networking sites. Sorry. You have three choices if this bothers you:

1. Get the fuck over it. It's people that you don't know pushing a button on their computer, NOT a referendum on your worth as a person.
2. Genuinely not giving a shit and just being happy that you get to express yourself. (This also includes just being grateful that people give you "love") FYI, THIS is MY personal choice.
3. Finding followers that give a shit about what you write and care enough to give you that little button push ("Love") that you so desire.

THOSE are your ONLY choices. Sorry.

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