Saturday, November 19, 2011

I NEVER lie to myself because BEFORE I talk to myself I make ME wear a lie detector...Ha! I fooled ME, I'm really MY other personality.

Dear officer, if you can pepper spray kids sitting on the ground with their arms locked...what do you do to YOUR kids behind closed doors?

Many times, in the world in which I travel, I find that I am the ONLY black person there. It's uncomfortable because...hahahahahahahaha! Get the fuck outta here! Do you really think that I would EVER let someone make ME uncomfortable? Get real! Hahahaha!

I always preferred "Janet" to "Chrissy". I'm a REAL man.

Honk all you want, I'm NOT leaving until I see a "GREEN" GO sign.....nice gun. See ya!

Dear reality contest shows, go AWAY long enough for people to MISS you.

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