Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Damned economy! Have you noticed on "Cheaters" that they NOW say "....investigative charges may apply."? WHAT? You film people's BIGGEST humiliation for YOUR show....THEN HAND THEM A FREAKING BILL!?! Change your name to SCAMMERS!

If someone speaks with an accent, and they say something to you, DON'T repeat what they said back to them in your version of their accent....
...because you sound like a d-bag.

My favorite daytime talk show is the "Old White dudes watching Blacks, Latinos and poor Whites make bad decisions & yell for no reason show"

"If I'm in a relationship with you, I'm going to try to get up in you pretty much every time we are alone." -ALL men to ALL women

I consider the doubts, distractions, obstacles and cruelty of others nothing more than coal that I will use to fuel my internal fire. Whoops, I need to use clean fuel to make my point....uh...Okay, the tsunami of negativity toward my dream will turn the turbines of....nope. Uh...I will not get skin cancer from the UVA rays of your disbelief, instead it will activate the solar cells of that is even worse.

Alright, lets keep this simple. Haters, fuck you...I'm about to run shit! Yeah, THAT works.

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