Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Don't buy a Capuchin monkey and ask "if it has reached the age of consent yet?"...not good. Not good at all.

If you are a company that has an elderly customer base....STOP HAVING CONFUSING WEBSITES YOU MORONS!!!!

Walmart Plans To Capitalize On Primary Care Shortage By Adding Medical Services:
 And now you have the answer to the question….”Why do all of the 9 year old Chinese kids here have on scrubs?”

It's NOT SHOCKING that Joe Paterno is retiring, you do know that he's 700 years old, right?

When you're doing something that ISN'T mandatory and it stops being fun....STOP DOING THAT SHIT!!!
I have yet to find an exception to this rule.

I wish my tree would stop pooping leaves on my car. I think I heard it say "take should have stopped that dog from peeing on me"

Which one of the debaters is Keyser Söze ?

So, the NBA (something people want) is locked out, but we still get a full season of 82 GOP debates? What's the over/under on idiocy?

"We are Penn State!" is now "WE...are Penn State? Who told you that shit? No, uh...we are uh...gotta go!"     It sounds better when 50,000 people say it.
No it doesn't.

Damn Rick, at least "W" HAD WORDS to mess up.   "Mission...uh...uh...uh..."
- If Rick Perry was President and NOT "W".

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