Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just watched the Jerry Sandusky interview. This guy is going to do MORE for "Getting people to WANT to do jury duty" than anyone. If you listen closely to the jury room you'll probably hear people practicing their "Guilty on ALL counts!" proclamations.

Dear future cellmate...we won't blame you. I'm not saying that I hope something happens...I'm just saying, future cellmate...we won't blame you.

It’s funny, NOT ONE PERSON who knows me in real life has asked me what I would have done if I was the one who had caught Sandusky with that little boy in the shower. They ALL made statements…”Oh, I KNOW YOU would have f*cked him up!”

They’re RIGHT.

LAST call for a seat on the train going to "The wrong side of history"....


Extremist Governors?

Lie spewing talking heads and radio hosts?

Cowardly Mayors?

Anti-middle class business people?

Oh? You're ALREADY ALL on. Close the doors, it's time to pull of.

As a protest to jackasses wearing their pants low, I'm calling on EVERYONE OVER 28 to wear their pants up near their chest. And say nothing.

Just watched Gabrielle Giffords interview. Even though she's recovering from that vicious attack, you can still see what an impressive woman she is. It's easy to see why he loves her so much.

Dear birds, I now let the 3 cats on my block sleep on my car. Your move assholes.

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