Saturday, November 12, 2011

Does NOT having Thanksgiving at MY house, thus eliminating the possibility of me killing my relatives, make me pro-life?

I’m going to succeed on a grand scale and have what I want, so shut the fuck up and leave…or shut the fuck up and watch. YOUR choice!”
 — Inspirational quote WITHOUT the flowery words by… S. Anthony Thomas

ANOTHER debate. Now I know what people feel like when they get roped in to watching a friends talentless child at a recital. One of the differences...children have an excuse for not knowing or understanding things. Also, children are WILLING TO LEARN AND ADAPT to NEW information. There is no shame in changing your opinion when new information is available. THAT is not a flip flop. Changing just to look better to the extremes of a party IS A FLIP FLOP. It's a shame that we have gotten to the point where people CANNOT tell the difference. "Intellectual curiosity" should be placed on the endangered species list. Several of the poachers will be on display tonight. Enjoy the debate!

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