Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"MY best interest? I'm NOT voting for THAT!" - idiots

Dear politicians, NO ONE needs to LEAK things to damage you when you're OPENLY nuts. So...relax.

I'm suing the lottery because MY nickname is "Powerballs". Don't think taking off the "s" will save you! I know you ripped me off!!!

C'mon GOP, hiring guys to stand outside of women's vaginas holding a stop sign? That's your idea of birth control? Really? Too far guys. Too far!

Texas Judge violently assaults disabled daughter....just because you wear a black robe, it doesn't mean you're not a piece of shit.

"That was incredible! Where did you learn that!?!" - hot lady stunned that sex with nice guys can be great too

"Congressperson! Supreme Court Justice! Bank CEO!" - foul mouthed kids yelling insults at hookers from their cars

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