Friday, December 10, 2010

My ex nicknamed "It" "Brother in law"....think about it... (No, not because it didn't work!...because once "it" was in it stayed in!)

Some delivery guys scratched my aunt's new washer and dryer...they were so young. They could have done so much had they lived...

Real death AZ...RIGHT NOW...people HAVE died...recently...Mrs Palin...why so quiet?

I want to eat my nutritionist. Well, she IS low in fat.

Bernie Sanders doesn't fit the stereotype...but he is GANGSTA!!!

Sarah Palin to visit Haiti. In other news, Haitian boat making industry skyrockets to previously unheard of levels. Film at 11.

I love rational politicians and voters...and unicorns and the Loch Ness monster and drunk guys that don't act like dopes and....

When I get back in shape...I am going to have an orgy of epic proportions. You have all been warned.

I know, the Bernie Sanders filibuster is impressive...but I'll bet he still loses EVERY argument to his wife.

....and millions of progressives look at Bernie Sanders and say "I'll have what HE'S having!"

Special message to famous people doing bong hits. Tell your assh*le friend to put the camera that for later when you're fu*king.

I don't NEED anal baby, I just want to know that I can have it without slipping this in your drin...I mean when it's not my birthday...

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