Saturday, December 18, 2010

Animals can HAVE SEX on TV. I just LICK one TV reporter on the boob and it's "Cut! Mr. Thomas, we can't use this segment!" Double Standard!

This new reality show "Count the Senate Homophobes" on MSNBC sucks. Is there anything else on? #DADT

John McCain. Really? Today with that nonsense. Circa 2000 John McCain wouldn't even talk to you.

Breaking News! McGruff the crime dog was seen betting $100 dollars on the Philadelphia Eagles. Apparently all is forgiven, Film at 11!

Would I have sex with EVERY woman in the world if they'd let me? No. My mom is a woman. But the rest of you...

I hate visiting relatives in the hospital. You walk in the room...and they're pointing you out to the cops...

A black president, DADT repealed...the groups bigots use to divide us are shrinking. Although, a redhead moved into my neighborhood! NO!!!!

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