Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jiffy Lube near my uncle's house, your bathroom was ridiculously clean. What are you compensating for? Scary...

Birthers? Still? Really? Just call the President the "N" word. I'm sure you do it at home. Be done with it. Don't be racists AND cowards.

After watching guys in wheelchairs play basketball at my brother's assisted living place, I realized how lazy my other relatives are...

Being an asshole is a CHOICE...which means that you can make ANOTHER you hear me House & Senate? Nah, you NEVER listen.

Enjoy your place in history next to J. Edgar Hoover and Richard Nixon! (Special message for the House and Senate)

House...Senate...Fuck you.
Everyone that isn't rich.

Hey, people ARE ALREADY IN THE MILITARY! Just STOP firing them! We don't need hearings! Nice to see you on TV though...

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