Wednesday, December 29, 2010

If there weren't so many that blindly follow them, it would be more amusing to watch cable news anchors try to "out stupid" each other.

Special message to "Over Explainers", shut up! When speaking to other adults, you DON'T need to OVER explain simple concepts. You've dealt with this haven't you? I loathe having an annoying conversation stretched out by someone going "...I just don't have enough money. It's like my bills come in and I can't pay them! You know what I mean, right? It's like when i'm grocery shopping, I can't get the name brands! I mean, I want to get my hair done but it costs too much....." Yeah, I got the point when you told me that you didn't have enough money!

"Hey girl, I don't know what would taste better, your tattoos or the boobs under them!" #pickuplinesthatshouldstayinyourhead

Sorry Tucker've got to be a little MORE crazy to catch up with the others. But nice try.

Man oh man, if this Stromboli had boobs I'd....hold's food sculpting time!

Vagina. The one invention that seems to be beyond obsolescence.

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