Thursday, February 11, 2010

The S. Man Says...

Why is it that we only hear about egg whites? What about egg blacks? I knew it...those damned chickens are racists!!!

"Douche" is an insult? Think about it. All it does is go into vaginas to release it's fluid. Hell, that's what I'm always trying to do!!

Testicle-atio + Anal + Intercourse + regularly = Immediate wedding + Any damned thing you want + Anytime you want it + forever.

YouTube has brought out the sadist in too. When you see a reporter on live hope for a "YouTube Moment" Admit it!!

It amuses me to watch someone deny their racism while participating in activities that solidify the proof of their racism.

I occasionally amuse myself by following security guards around and looking at them suspiciously. warming DOESN'T have anything to do with rubbing hot massage oil on your girlfriends boobs?

I'm picketing my uncle's house because I overheard him using the N-word.

If they didn't want me to have sex with them, why did they name them passion fruit? Screw it, I never want to go back to that market anyway!

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