Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just thinking...

I'd say "Fuck all politicians!"....but I'm really good at it and they don't deserve me. #seriouspoliticalcommentmixedwithfactandhumor

Politics in America = Bullies and Cowards making decisions for the apathetic. Thanks for remembering who you work for assholes.

Me: Rock salt (Check), Shovel (Check), Heater (Check), Vaseline (Check)…

Clerk: Getting ready for the snow huh?

Me: What snow?

My ex would always take a shower right before suggest never standing in line in front of me if the line is next to a waterfall.

The saying is "You REAP what you SOW". A friend misread that saying and now he's been fired from his tailoring job.

Thank goodness!!!! - I am so glad Toyota doesn’t make condoms!!!! Whew!!!!

Um, am I the only one that wishes he was under Pink during that Grammy performance with his mouth open?

Tyra had a show on about women WITH TWO VAGINAS. Shocking...for you. But I am at peace, finally someone who can handle my two penises.
This girl I'm seeing can tie a cherry stem in a knot! Hot right? I thought so too. Well...I'm in the E.R....and a medical oddities book.
I saw this lady just now with a body like a Greek statue....armless and covered in bird shit.

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