Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just Saying...

A cute lady at Lowe's caught me looking at her delicious bottom. Embarrassing. I had to get off of my knees, turn off the camera, buckle up...

The shampoo lady says her hands won't go any lower than the shoulders...well neither will mine at tip time....yeah, shampoo that junk girl.

Some guys hope their lady will grab their arm at scary movies. I hire a guy with a knife to jump out of an alley. I go the extra mile.

I love "Kitchen Nightmares."....the television show. Not my ex girlfriends attempts at cooking. No, I'm not bitter. *whispering* cheating ho.

My last girlfriend was really anal retentive...but then a neighbor threw cold water on us, we dislodged and scampered off of her lawn.

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