Monday, February 22, 2010

S. Anthony Says...

Ah, if only healthcare was as omnipresent as porno...what a world it would be...

Facebook = Microsoft. Twitter = Apple. That is all.

I feel like a perv when I see these 20yr olds in makeup commercials. My being pantless doesn't help nor does my doing it at target.

Guys...Transference=unconscious redirection of feelings, Transsexual=gender dysphoria...and another fight at thanksgiving is averted.

I hate when smart asses say "Do the math!" I just want to say "Before math, how about I count backwards? Punching you out in 5...4...3..."

Medical marijuana, schmedical marijuana...I want medical booty or at least medical friend who isn't me said.

It should be illegal to walk a dog more than half your weight...or a kid more than half your weight. I have spoken! So it shall be done!!!!

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