Monday, February 8, 2010

A few words from S. Anthony....

We had one big snow storm that will very soon be followed by another big snow storm....have we not gotten the message yet? God WANTS US TO BE COUCH POTATOES! Who am I to argue? I hear you lord! I am sitting my weights back down! My heavy bag shall remain unpunched and un-kicked. My stair machine will be without my feet and my stationary bike will be without my bottom. I hear you! I will do what you say.

The S. man teaches the ladies: Get your oral FIRST because if we get ours first, we're going to go to sleep. You have been warned.

My balls are itching....someone must be talking about me at the free clinic.

DO NOT try and get laid in a Toyota!! Storefronts, unaware pedestrians and the blind will thank you for it!

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