Saturday, February 13, 2010

The S. Man Says...

Someone please tell my cousin's Basketball coach that he's only supposed to do "Cup Checks" on THE TEAM...and NOT with is MOUTH!

I don't have GUILTY pleasures...just pleasures. OK, I felt guilty once...then the charges were dropped and it was all good again.

...hey, if cats can lick themselves clean.....DON'T JUDGE ME!!!!

"They need to be more clear when they ask people if they want to GO on a roller coaster!" Yelled the unfortunate people UNDERNEATH IT.

I love spending Sunday morning deep deep in Sudoku....huh? There's a game with that name? Hey, baby there's a game named Sudoku too!

....a choker chain, is a TYPE of chain. NOT a suggestion. In other news, I need to borrow bail money...for a friend...who is not me...

I didn't know that I had klan members in my neighborhood...probably because they're Atheists...and can't figure out what to burn on my lawn.

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