Friday, February 19, 2010

S. Anthony Says...

Tiger Woods apologizes this morning. He misspelled Bucket list. "It wasn't a F*ck it list? Ooops!" Film @ 6& 11

Tiger must apologize, Cheney doesn't have to. Hilarious. Priority classes begin at 7am Monday.

Hey, keep it down. Tigers junk is going to give a press conference next.....

Big deal, Tiger had sex with 15 waitresses, I've had sex with more than 15 waitresses...and where were the cameras? Ok, where were the cameras that I didn't have hidden in a clock.

I would like to apologize to my right hand for occasionally using my left so it would "Feel like somebody else is doing it!" I was wrong.

Women get mad if you fantasize about another woman during "it". They get even more angry if during "it" you hold up a picture of her.

For the men of America I want to thank Tiger Woods. Now WE ALL have to write 15 minute apologies for everything! Douchebag!!!

90 days "without" is one of the treatments for sex addiction? Then I've been getting treatment lately for a disease that I don't have!!!!

That salesman was a liar! If this was really a "Good belt" It would be easier to cut new holes in it with my table knife.

Men like their nipples played with too! I say this because my hands are hurting and I'm alone and...I've just said too much...

Why is my cousin showing me pictures of her baby, when he's on my lap right now? You know...I can just look down and see him.

Shouldn't it be called practicebation until you truly "Master" it?

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