Thursday, April 5, 2012

I dig the pause after people call me the "N" word. I don't know what reaction they expect. I give them pity. They NEVER expect THAT.

Mr Thomas has left the building. He has now snuck around back and re-entered the building. He has NOW locked YOU out and is laughing at you.

Learning to expect nothing from the new black.

Check for dishes BEFORE you pee in your sink. Oh, and don't get mad at your friends for laughing at you when you don't.
The Supremes...a group given songs to sing and paid to sing them as they're told by their rich bosses

The Supreme Court : Same shit
Dear dudes who let their girlfriends "Peg" them only to find out your girl won't return the favor....hahahahahahahahaha! Dumb ass!

Reince Priebus is what you get when you smear Santorum on a radiator and wait 3 days.

The feeling in mutual? Oh, futile. Yeah, that makes more sense.

My balls are twins and they get along, but they like to celebrate their birthdays separately. You know...separate cakes and stuff...

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