Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Familiarity breeds contempt...if you're an ass, otherwise it's pretty cool.

You're not a "FAILURE", as long as you're ALIVE you have a chance to win. So I suggest not pissing me off while you pursue your goals.

When I smell LYSOL® I don’t think “Yay, clean!”, I think “Old people must have shit on the floor here recently. I’m outta here!”

I’m usually right.

Dear old racists on radio and television news shows, history much like the sun and gravity, will not be kind to you.

Mitt get rid of Ted Nugent. Get someone reasonable to talk about the President like Jon Voight. Oh...

Romney drives bus in circles around Obama speech, dog strapped to roof gets dizzy. Film at 11!

That thing you're about to do that'll hurt someone you care about so much that they never look at you the same way again...don't do that.

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