Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"It's okay to shut the hell up sometimes."
-What I'm thinking when people I DON'T KNOW talk for more than 15 seconds in an elevator

If I was famous, you'd "like" THIS post even though I'm not saying a damned thing. Okay YOU wouldn't...but THAT guy would. SEE, HE JUST DID IT! I'm NOT famous YET dude! Ha!

Someone asked if I'm "African" or "American" first.
My Reply? "I'm S. Anthony first...and that's the ONLY label I'll begrudgingly accept"

"Google+ Experiencing Massive Membership Growth!"
- Google+'s mom

Exit poling shows that 46.5% of Santorum voters are confused fans of the underground Iowa band "Fecal Froth"

If Romney, Paul & Santorum tie...they should be forced to perform the Three Stooges' "Niagara Falls" routine.

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