Sunday, January 8, 2012

I don't hate stupid people, I hate MEAN stupid people...and I certainly don't want them running my country.

"Dear GOP voters, when we figured out what a complete piece of crap that Santorum is, we threw his punk ass out!" - Pennsylvania

Have you ever seen someone that you wanted to lick into unconsciousness? Yes, I just cleaned my mirror...oh...and saw someone ELSE. Yeah...

You REALLY have to trust someone to let them tie you up...or be dumb enough to let THEM get YOUR drink.  Are these ropes BITE RESISTANT!?!

I WILL be famous, I WILL marry another star and I will do it so I can name my first child "Fuck the Press".

“There will ALWAYS be people that don’t like you no matter what. Fuck ‘em. They’ve given up their right to express an opinion.”
—S. Anthony Thomas giving life advice to his 19 and 18 year old nephews

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