Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stop signs apply to luxury vehicles too, right? Then someone tell the jackass that almost ran into me please.

Let's hope that the antibiotics of knowledge & civility wash away the bacteria of racism, homophobia and idiocy by the 113th congress.

I'm going to streak at the royal wedding....what, 4am? Nevermind, I'll just walk around my house bottomless and streak "in spirit"

So, ANYTHING that HELPS people is BAD? Hey, corporations are PEOPLE now, so when do you start f*cking them TOO? "NEVER" isn't a month! Oh.

Dog the bounty hunter replaced by iphone in cable series. Film at 11.

When asking your nephew to look up something on the internet for you DON'T say "Surf it up for me!" He will laugh at you...I heard...

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