Saturday, April 16, 2011

Remember my earlier post about secretly being born in KENYA? Well it was Kenya Pennsylvania! Suck it Trump!!!!

From the makers of "Secret Millionaire" comes the NEW show about the 112th congress! "Keeping Secrets FOR Millionaires" THIS FALL!!!

Male shake weight commercial. No. Stop. Gender equality should NOT apply to this. Women ONLY please. Thanks.

Ladies, I speak for ALL men. If I was in you 23/6...I'd be plotting to get in you 24/7. (The more you know)

Congress, it's one thing to be a whore, it's another to be mean spirited, heartless, dirty whores. That is what YOU are.

Trump, if you think that it's going to be forgotten that you played ball with these disgusting racists to get attention and maybe a're wrong. For doing that, I believe Cee Lo Green said it best "Fuck you!" -S. Anthony Thomas (aka one of "The Blacks")

Forget that "Let game be decided by men" crap. Instant replay for ALL sports. Men invented instant...huh? Space robots? Oh. Never mind me.

So...the fact that we have a bunch of ape shit crazy people in government hasn't sunk in yet, huh? Okay.

I'm starting to turn into one of those sports fans that is starting to give less and less of a damn until the championships. I'm...ashamed.

Can what Palin does to Obama really be called "Ripping"? Sometimes being a contrarian just for attention says more about YOUR DEFICIENCIES.

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