Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm going to randomly begin pronouncing "US" as "Uh-huuuus" like Katy Perry does in the California Girls song. I'm a strong Black man! Yeah!

Teenagers trying to intimidate me at the coffee shop....hahahahahahahahaha! That is all.

How long before Dana White takes over the Springer show?

Ah, the post vomit kiss. It's true love...or low self esteem...or you're kissing a homeless person...or...I've got nuthin'.....

Compliment given...ignored. Compliment given...ignored. No Compliment given..."Don't you LIKE ME!?!"

If your significant other asks you "Are you jealous?" with a SMILE on their face....dump the muthaf*cker! Trust me. It won't end well.

My ex bragged to friends about what I did to her in bed. They ALL took a run at me. I said no. She was a cheater. I should've done them huh?

Hey, guy who tries to make ANOTHER guy look bad in front of HIS lady... THEY laugh at YOU later after THEY f*ck all night. Nice try loser!

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