Monday, April 18, 2011

I make my money as the "Bad decision and histrionics coach" for deadbeat dads on "MAURY" Yeah, I'm proud.

I'm teaching a "Bad and unintentionally awkward segue" class for local news anchors...I believe you've seen my work. You're welcome!

Hey, people that make commercials, do you know what would be great? Paying the REAL artists and NOT half ass knock offs to sing their songs

I LOVE Lady Gaga’s NEW single “The devil has a nice ass” I thinks she’s going to get in MORE trouble though….

When YOU tear down art from museums, YOU lose the right to call OTHERS Nazis. Just saying...

Is everyone enjoying the new congress, the new governors? Next time go to an S & M club and stop hurting OTHERS. We're NOT into THAT!

Who wants to join me in breaking into UPS and writing in big red letters the contents inside of discreetly marked packages!?! C'mon!

Screw QVC. I'm selling EVERYTHING during a PBS pledge drive, Can you say MARK UP!?!

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