Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Everytime I hear someone from congress speak, I realize that Keyser Söze is NOT "Roger "Verbal" Kint"

Hey, you don't have to check MY email. I love Rachel Maddow. If you have a problem with that....kiss my beautiful chocolate ass.

If you're so busy plotting against your neighbor that you don't notice the pit bull biting grandma #uvotedforthiscongress

Uh, you guys know that the kids aren't eating the toys in the happy meals, right?

Hey, hip indie directors...would you mind doing something OTHER than period pieces so I can do your movies...without wearing chains? Thanks.

When reading some of the comments on political blogs it becomes clear that closed minds are really good at keeping all the stupid in.

When someone Anthropomorphizes's time to break up.

About those 70's black sitcoms and the way white people were portrayed....sorry about that white people, we're NOT even, but still, sorry.

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