Friday, February 10, 2012

When I haven't gotten my fill of racist, stupid or organized troll driven commentary, I just read the yahoo news comments. Yeah, good stuff.

Romney: I Was A 'Severely Conservative' Governor
EVERYONE else: "Hahahahahahahaha!"

If only ALL gatherings were subject to the "Dragged off by Sandman Sims rule"....

Always remember, if you're NOT at home, DON'T yell "Blow me you lying turd!" at the TV screen. It's not good guest behavior, right grandma?

If you say "Mojo Rising" and you're talking about your "You know what"...I want women to not give you any for the next five years.

WAIT!?! You put the contact lens ON YOUR EYE and NOT the thing you want to see better!? *And suddenly... it ALL made sense*

No interest for 5 years. #marriageorcarlease

God just told ME that she didn't tell YOU shit. Oh, she also says hi.

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