Monday, February 13, 2012

Can I have my "New World Order" supersized please? Also, I'd like my two sides to be "Love Slave" and "Xenophobia"...oh and a large pepsi.

Instead of protesting against gay marriage, how about going home and fucking YOUR spouse. It's nice having one, right? THEY wouldn't know...

Dear women, thanks for allowing me in you sometimes. I really appreciate it.

It's hard not to slip into baby talk with an adult if you're simultaneously changing a diaper, or you're alone with a woman into that stuff.

"Dear politicians, stop caring so much about the openings in peoples bodies. Work on creating JOB OPENINGS." - Everyone

Watching "House", "The Ed Show" & pretending to be good at THIS. Yeah, I am a master of multi....ooooh, something shiny on the floor!

Why wait another 50 years? Tell me how much you love me NOW! Also, how much you want to get it on with me. (Do the second part slowly)

Romney releases video of himself doing a Deniro "Cape Fear" laugh watching "Eyes on the Prize"...still called too soft by voters. Film at 11

Validation is for punks. (You like ME, right?)

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