Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It cracks me up when guys get intimidated by a gorgeous woman. Losers...oh crap, here she comes! Tee hee! Duh! Uh...tee hee...

S. Anthony, proof that nice guys DON'T "finish" last, but about 15 minutes after you do. Ok, you're sleeping and she's in the!?!

The conversation behind me is so stupid, I feel the need to scrub the back of my head.

Dear Governments of the world, when large numbers of your people riot and burn things means that you fucked up. Dig?

Enough overhyping of these athletes. Stick to overhyping people that DESERVE to be cute black comedians... *coughs, leaves*

I will NOT feel like my life is empty if I never have kids. I WILL feel like it's empty if I can't be a part of a 7some. Yeah, aim high.

Celebrity death pool...hit list....whatever. You say tomato..... (Just kidding NSA)

Coen Brothers movie character + the spirit of Andy Kaufman + WTF!?! = Rand Paul

Think and Grow. That's it. You're not going to be rich. A bring your own anesthesia dentist office, really? Maybe you shouldn't even think.

Virginia is for lovers....lovers of putting things in a woman's vagina against her will. Fucking mysogynistic cowards.

Wait, unconditional love is really a thing!?!

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