Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm shaking SENSA® on my next girlfriend in hopes that it will make her less emotionally violent. No, YOU don't know how SENSA® WORKS!

It really doesn't matter how big or small your boobs are ladies, they're going to get the same half hour of slurping. Okay?

Remember when new talent was humiliated and treated like shit BEFORE they were on television? Ya old bastid!

Remember when a "Hit" show had 30 million viewers? You are freaking old!

Trump, don't pick a fight with Letterman, you have NO chance of winning. NONE. Even a "Pre killing Bin Laden" President busted that ass bro.

Remember when you actually had to do research to debunk what politicians said? #CNNDebate

3 good ideas + 450 bat shit ideas = I won't vote for your ass.

Sarah Palin says.... (This is usually where I tune out and lose respect for the person who said that)

I would watch the debate, but I'm too busy. Somebody has to eat this broken glass on my floor.

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