Friday, February 17, 2012

"Individual mandate? HELL NO! Cramming things up a woman's vagina against her will or a doctor's advise? HELL YES!" -VA legislators

Sometimes we do things that are bad for us, or make us feel bad, out of habit. It's hard to pull the plug on those things isn't it?

How about giving a damn about and supporting an artist BEFORE they die? They'd probably like that. Just saying...

Fetish isn't a BAD word weirdo. Okay, re-duct tape me, turn the polka music back on and glue my armpit hair to my balls. No, you're crazy!

Dear future me, I would apologize for what I've been writing here, but past me says you're going to be even weirder that we are. So shut up!

It's amazing and shameful how proud politicians are of denying people their rights. All aboard the bus to the wrong side of history!

The good thing about all of these politicians being fucked up? I can STILL run for President someday!. My future run will survive my tweets!

Newt Gingrich's bus broke down in West Hollywood....sure it did. Sure...

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