Monday, August 22, 2011

"I'm too complex for stupid labels. Just call me S. Anthony". - Me, to d-bags that think they know the essence of who I am, WITHOUT knowledge of who I am.

Hepatitis wouldn't go into this bathroom for fear of getting it's ass kicked.

Obama's (insert ANYTHING here) Plan Meets Early Resistance From Republicans
It's amazing how unattractive even the most delicious boobs and butts can be, when attached to a mean woman.

Still got it on with her a bunch of times though....

- 19 year old me.

Me (posts joke)
Them *takes it literally*
Me "Really?"
Them "Duh, doy, duh!"
Me "Oh."
Me (again) "You yell a lot for no reason, huh?"
Wait? "Going the distance" means MARRIAGE? It DOESN'T mean getting to put ALL of it IN? My friend doesn't know what he just agreed to...

Mitt Romney decides to put a Starbucks in his new home. Says "I know these are tough times, so to show my support for the poor, It'll be a drive thru, not the kind you sit in. I feel your pain America!"

Man, my "Tax the poor, blow the rich" tee shirts are selling like hotcakes in front of congress and wall street! Soon, I'll be blown too!

Say what you will about Donald Trump. That's it. Say what you will about him.

Of course I won't hit a guy with glasses. That's what this golf club is for!

Answer :Eric Cantor & Paul Ryan
The question? .....what do you get when you try to clone Ronald Reagan using his discarded ball hair?

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