Saturday, August 13, 2011

…the best part of waking up, is getting MORE sweet butt… - failed Folgers® pitch. Hey, I tried.

After today's Straw Poll, all of the voters get A Betamax recorder & 10 cases of New Coke.

What do YOU think makes a woman’s bottom look better? Photoshop? or Whipped Cream? If you’ve been following ME for any length of time… you know MY answer.

I hope the guys in prison, give a big a big "Shout out" to the rioters that mugged the injured student in the UK.

After watching the results of the Straw Poll, the "Rent is too damn high" guy just said to himself "Iowa, I must move to Iowa!"

I often wonder if racists, homophobes & misogynists are familiar with... "Projection"....

Iowa Straw Poll was my stripper name.

I love my family, but If one of them was running for President...and they were crazy, I wouldn't vote for them. Just putting it out there.

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