Friday, August 19, 2011

S. Anthony says... (Just a thought...)

I have 2800 friends on Facebook, I personally know about one third of them and still only have conversations with about 50. And we do it mainly by using Facebook email.

Social networking, if you’re not careful, can become just another way of feeling isolated…even though you are among a massive number of people. I say that because I’ve had many “private” online convos with people and their enjoyment has waned because they tried to gain as many followers as possible, but they made a mistake. They forgot to think about quality and thought only of quantity.

Don’t get me wrong. When I speak of quality, I don’t mean to disparage individual people. What I’m talking about is the quality of your online relationship with those individuals. Believe me, I am not a person devoid of an interest in validation, but I can stand on a club or theater stage and get that whenever I wish. I just sometimes wonder, if after a while, social networking becomes all networking and loses all of the social aspects. You know, the shit that got us here in the first place.

I’m just hoping that these sites for me don’t become like those lifeless relationships that we’ve ALL probably experienced…where you don’t leave because you’ve been there so long, but the shit is just listing along like a rudderless ship. That scenario may be enough to get me to forgo the life raft…and just swim ashore.

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