Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hey, news producers, stop the "we'll tell you about that after this message" crap. May I introduce you to this NEW thing called GOOGLE!?!

Google, get your act together. I look for a pictures of Halle Berry for my desktop and a nude pic of Brad Pitt shows up among them. WTF!?!
Women trying to be sexy is like someone doing an expensive infomercial for a free, mass 100 dollar bill giveaway. Relax. We already want as much as we can get.

Are there any women out there with a bunch of 100 dollar bills that I can get it on with?

I know…I’m being greedy.

Don’t ask what brought this on.
The Marriage's like being at dinner with an annoying couple that won't STFU about their "not serious to rational people" problems.

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