Sunday, September 16, 2012

We MUST be better than THIS!

I don't have the time or energy to answer all of the messages that I've gotten because of my last post about the black clergy telling people to stay home on election day. I can tell you that I'm disgusted with this ridiculous "crabs in a barrel" behavior that starts whenever someone reaches a high level of acheivement.

I am not gay. I am however a human being, so are gay people. Get that through your heads. People should be allowed to live their lives as THEY choose (I don't believe being gay is a choice, I believe people are BORN gay). People should be able to marry who they choose.

When I read of the clergy making this moronic request of their congregations, because of the President's support of gay marriage, I had to ask myself, "Are they so blind to the damage that would be done to their congregations if the President lost?" Aren't healthcare, education, the right to vote without bigot created obstacles, roads, bridges, wall street know what, read the list yourselves ( worth more than your right to hurt people that have never hurt you?

If the group being targeted was black and not gay, you would flip the fuck out if they were being targeted. Remember that...if your homophobia hasn't blinded you.

Lastly, if Mr. Obama loses this election, it should be because he didn't do his job or didn't run an effective campaign. It should not be because people that look like him hate gay people enough to fuck over the nations first democratically elected President with obvious African ancestry. Your actions embarrass me and disgust me. You should know, do and be better that this.

-S. Anthony Thomas (Comedian, writer, actor, critical thinker)

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