Monday, August 6, 2012

Not to be indelicate, but my stomach feels much better after I evacuated all of that Westboro Baptist Church out of my colon.

If only life WAS a game. Wait, it IS! Time to enjoy this shit! Also, time to start card counting....

Dear fast food places....
STOP making people ASK for KETCHUP!

Is EVERYTHING about sex? So what if the female track stars are hot...with perfect bodies...covered in sweat that tastes like rainwater....

"Sorry Mr Trump, you CAN'T join our congregation. We have standards!"
-Westboro Baptist Church

Uh oh! I just "Liked" the photo of a pretty 18 year old thinking "I'd be really proud to have a daughter like her someday." What the fuck!?! I'm objectifying the NEXT three hot black women that I see on my screen! Yeah, I said it!

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