Friday, March 8, 2013

My cup of tea called me the "N" word.

Bill O'Reilly would get his ass whipped DAILY in my old neighborhood. Also, my CURRENT one...FYI, there's middle class white people here.

There should be driving classes for people who don't understand the concept of "Hydroplaning".

....and if a SECOND course is required....



Don't pick your teeth with bills that you're giving me. If you're not going to like what I do to MY hands before I shake YOURS.

I have yet to meet a woman that fights getting licked. Try it.


I don't know him officer...


"La la la la, I don't hear you!"

- A religious family friend when I said I don't blindly follow ANYTHING and just love people as they are.

(No judgement intended, she just asked what MY prevailing thought regarding my daily treatment of people was... so I told her. I don't care what a person's religion is. Be good to me, be good to people, and you're cool with me.)

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