Sunday, May 15, 2011

For those that are new, I mix politics, off color humor and random stupid crap effortlessly. You have now been warned.

Don't have coaches repeat the same two things to sideline reporters, let them just hold up a finger to let us know which one they mean.

I can't wait until next year's "Get a foul called on you and NOT make faces and cry like a 5yr old" competition at the NBA All Star Game.

Angry girlfriends/boyfriends, DON'T threaten to leave after EVERY argument. Either they eventually won't take you seriously...or they WILL.

Bin Laden's wives... Dancing with The Stars....Yes, I'd watch.

Wait a minute? Bad things are happening in Pakistan? 60 minutes, why am I just hearing of this!?!

I'm thinking of boning John Ensign, I'm not gay but everybody else is doing it and I hate being left out.

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