Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Karl Rove, Common ISN'T a thug rapper. You've typecast one of the most enlightened rappers out there. Know your subject, ignorant Bigot.

Don't say something mean to a stranger and look at me to co-sign, because I'll say something to YOU that someone else WILL co-sign, a-hole.

I don't want to hear any more about Pippa's butt or boobs! If they aren't in my bed covered in whipped cream and my saliva I DON'T CARE!!!

Bristol Palin. Plastic surgery. I feel bad for her. If you have esteem problems, the last thing you need is to be in the Hollywood machine.

Google. Chrome book? $430? Why not have a low price and get it into everyone's hands? You're going to "ad" people to death anyway mofos!

If I'm watching a show that you know I love...don't interrupt me with minutia, I'm not the ONLY one here that took that CPR class! RUDE!

The law of diminishing returns. Yup, THAT.

My laptop works much better now that I've throw it down the steps. You should try it!

Hey Botox mom, you know that in 15 years you'll be the subject of a 48 hours mystery, right?

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